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Nikita Mikros

Creative Director
Nik has been making games since the 80`s. He`s work on over 50 titles including Killer Queen Arcade. He leads the rag tag team of gamers, artists and programmers that is Smashworx.

Wen Zheng

Lead Programmer
Wen is the master of game feel and sold on the ideea of a top down shooter. His love of combat and monster design is a direct result of his video game addiction. He`s been afflicted since the age of 9.

Harry Bogosian

2D Artist Future Cult Leader
Harry was born and raised in war torn Manhattan in the year 19xx. Surviving by honing his artisticskills at Pratt, he went to work for Smashworx, and they have sculptedvhim in their image ever since.

Travis Bogosian

Programmer Deographer
Travis graduated from Brown University with degrees in Computer Science and Film. He was resolved to stop his older brother from becoming a cult leader by informing him that Manhattan was never war torn in 19-anything.

Link Chiang

2D Artist Animator
Traveling from far away island in the east, Link is an illustrator obsessed with fantasy and game art. Link`s passion to bring great design and beautiful art to games infuses everything he does.

Chris Greener

3D Artist
A recovering bubble tea addict, Chris is a NYC-based 3D artist curently having a love affair with pixel art. His resourcefulness and workflow efficiency makes up for his inalbility to tan.

Jim Welch

Audio Design
Jim Welch makes games sound awsome. A lot of love and hardwork goes into every tone and sfx that resonates out of your speakers. Within Jim a traditional music education meets with a punk rock past, a hip hop sensitivity, and an EDM energy.


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